The applicant tracking system for companies that want to grow

Sproutt helps you identify candidates, interview them and hire the top talent your company needs to in order to grow. By offering you a smart way of organizing and assess your hiring process, Sproutt makes hiring a team effort.


Get a clear overview of your hiring pipeline

Track the progress of your hiring efforts and have a clear overview of your candidates, hiring process and outcomes. Use Sproutt’s recruiting workflow to make hiring your company’s advantage and hire the top talent you need to grow your team.


Make sourcing candidates possible for everyone in your company

With a single click, your team can import any potential candidate to your own talent pool. With an unlimited number of seats anyone on your team can propose the best candidates for your job opening and truly make hiring a team effort.


Track and optimise your recruitment process

Our metrics will help your recruiting team have a better overview and continuously assess and improve the recruitment process. Start using data to your advantage thanks to Sproutt.


Promote your job openings with ease

Get in front of your candidates by promoting your job openings to the right channels, all at once at the ease of a couple of clicks.


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